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First Annual Serial Killers Anthology

The following was written by True Crime Writer Dane Ladwig for the Anthology. 

The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology

Lately, I have been searching for “new” books on serial killers.  Not new as in unused, but new as in fresh ideas.  I have dozens of books in my private collection all doing a grand job accounting for the A-list of criminally insane and your typical frontrunners such as Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Lizzie Borden and Aileen Wuornos.

There is nothing wrong with educating oneself on the well-known and often recorded tales of high-profile upper crust sensationalized serial killers.  However, have you ever wondered about other “not so” elite serial killers?  The ones who are just as deadly, just as cunning, and just as gruesome as those of the more “distinguishable” killer.  These homicidal maniacs and outcasts have stories that are just as compelling, if not more, then their more infamous fraternal successors and predecessors.

You may have noticed a new sidebar widget on my blog, over there to the right below the Facebook and RSS feeds widget.  I am honored to be listed among some of the greatest minds of true crime.

Later this year, The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology, will bring global talent together in a consorted effort to construct a book based on the “lesser known” serial killers from around the world.  Lesser known, but infamous all the same.  These killers have amassed more than 250 known murders between them, and countless other homicides, no doubt attached to these self-appointed executioners are unaccounted for, which remain unresolved.

This is the first ever True Crime Serial Killers Anthology ever published!

As you can imagine this is a major undertaking.  To get the right mix of authors, the perfect blend of topics (serial killers), and then bringing it all together and raising the funding to promote such major project so it accurately represents the goals of the group and the ideals proper to paying homage to the victims, and properly distributing the books, takes a daunting determination.  Fortunately, this group of authors has that!

We are proud to say we have giving hearts.  Upon release of The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology, 100 paperback copies will be sent to hospitals to benefit Wounded Allied Soldiers (through “Soldiers Angels Foundation” http://soldiersangels.org/books.html) free of delivery and cost.  A very small token of our gratitude for the sacrifices Armed Forces personnel make to ensure our safety and freedoms.  However, our gratitude does not stop there.  We will continue our efforts to support our troops for as long as book sell and we still breathe.

More on this a bit later…

I would like to introduce our team of devoted cutting-edge contemporary true crime authors (links to the authors individual websites are located under their names in blue text).

Michael Newton -- Has published over 260 books and many True Crime Encyclopedia’s



RJ Parker – Best Selling True Crime Author and Publicist



Peter Vronsky – True Crime Author, Historian, Filmmaker



Lee Mellor – True Crime Author, Musician, Historian



Sylvia Perrini – True Crime Author, Historian



Dane Ladwig – True Crime Author, Historian, Chaplain

Kim Cresswell – Award Winning Fiction Author



William Cook – Macabre Author, Graphic Artist


The elite list of writers comprising The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology, is rich in knowledge and individually each author has met with success and is well-respected in the True Crime community.

When we first began brainstorming this idea, the excitement level was “through the roof.”  And the energy, and interest, has escalated from there.  The idea of writing about serial killers who have “slipped through the cracks” or were lesser known because a media, political, or public event pushed the story aside is thrilling.  Especially when these criminals account for so many innocent lives lost in a society where we just began adopting the policy of locking our doors within the last 50 years or so.

The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology, will accrue costs, it is inevitable.  To assist in accomplishing our goals (this is the place I said I would revisit), we are kicking off a campaign to invite everyone to become a part of The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology.  As you might guess, preparation and formatting, copyediting and proofreading, design, marketing and promotion, publication and distribution, of a paperback and most all eBook formats, Soldiers Angels gifts, and the narrating cost of an audiobook are in the thousands.

By visiting:


You can contribute to our combined effort and in turn benefit such wonderful causes as individual “National Hero’s” or “Heroes in the Line of Duty” (armed forces, police, firefighters, paramedics).  You may even want to be listed in the The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology, as a “Contributor,” this is where you make that happen.

In the least, we ask you share the exciting news about The First Annual True Crime Serial Killers Anthology!

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