Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Indie Authors should join The Independent Author Network by RJ Parker

Over the past couple of years of being an Indie Author / Publisher, I've experimented with various marketing tools and sites; paying out thousands of dollars in advertising. I have been lucky enough to have nine of my books in the Top 100 Paid List, and several at number 1 in true crime. I can attribute some of my success to a select couple: Google Adwords and The Independent Author Network being the biggest pay off.

I found that FaceBook Ads (which I spent about $1500) last year alone, was a huge mistake. Twitter? Not for me...hardly anyone retweets. It's basically everyone spamming. My FaceBook fan page is great and I've met a lot of friends there and many of them share posts. I currently have 70,000 fans. But this post isn't about me or my advertising mistakes. It's about one network that I joined a year ago and I'm still a gold member in.

My advice as an experienced Indie Publisher, Publicist and now Agent, is to check this site out and seriously consider signing up. It's not expensive. In July, I had 2500 unique visitors to my page alone on the network.

Here's the link to my page, which they maintain. I don't have to bother with it whatsoever.
Independent Author Network - RJ Parker
Check out their FAQ
And if you're interested in joining, click Join Here  Again, it's quite inexpensive, but if you have more than one book, I really recommend the Gold Membership.

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