Friday, 13 December 2013

Indie Writers and Publishing

This is a contest for a cameo appearance in an upcoming book by Bernard DeLeo, including some autographed paperback novels. First read what Bernard wrote about the 'Indie Writers and Publishing' world of today. The contest details is at the end.

The term "writing passionately" confuses readers and authors alike. A chasm supposedly exists, according to the monitors of this whacky writing and publishing world, between the ‘Chosen Few’ who find an agent and a publisher in the traditional sense, and us otherworldly hacks trying to tell stories we think people like. The traditional publishing hierarchy made up or mutated all the rules until only material deemed by mostly politically correct, closed minded automatons ran the publishing world until Amazon ended their reign. Indie authors and publishers popped up in droves, and slowly gained a foothold in the publishing world for what people loved to read back in the day: Pulp Fiction. 

This new/old mainstay of the blue collar reader rocked the traditional publishing world to the point they were forced to offer extravagant contracts to self-publishing gurus. It became apparent readers took exception to being fed big name author books written by ghostwriters in formulaic fashion. The readers began testing the indie waters hawking affordable novels with more hard hitting stories, and without the inserted publishing morays made up by people who had forgotten what the purpose of a story is: entertainment. 

Rough patches exist in any new revolution. Poor editing, and unreadable literature made the Amazon marketplace into a vast desert of despair. They offered free ‘Look Inside’ features for the readers encompassing whole chapters keyed to the novel’s length, and some indies with stories to tell began to soar. Then the Book Killers hit. The sock puppets of jealous traditional authors, traditional publishing house interns, and even indies feeding on more successful fellow authors have created a Wild West style Amazon marketplace now – but for all its faults, it is a free marketplace of stories and competition. The traditional publishers gouging sixty percent of their authors’ gross while doing nothing to promote it are either changing their ways or dying by the wayside. 

My partner, RJ Parker and I have waded through this morass. In a very short span of time, RJ Parker Publishing has beamed a bright light of individualism into a mostly archaic, formula driven business. The battle has just begun. This is a forevermore entity geared to the old cliché of ‘What have you done for me lately’. RJ and I understand that concept very well. Some people can’t be bought. He and I are on the frontline of this new paradigm. The excitement of being a part of this as RJ has received his full publishing credentials from Amazon will carry us past the downside of the marketplace. Each novel offered with appeal to a wide range of readers will bring us closer to nose on nose competition with the traditionals. Believe me. They don’t like it. 

In celebration of my partner RJ Parker getting his full publishing credentials and privileges from Amazon with the ability to offer pre-orders on both e-books and paperbacks in advance of release, we have a neat promotional offering. From the comments on this post, there will be three winners chosen from the readers who comment, by name in hat draw. RJ will draw a first place winner who will receive an autographed paperback copy of RJ’s favorite novel of mine: COLD BLOODED, along with a real name cameo in my next novel HARD CASE BOOK IV: A VIOLENT LIFE. When it comes out in paperback, I will gift you a signed paperback of the new novel with your cameo appearance. Two other readers who comment will be given a signed copy of COLD BLOODED. Nothing needed to enter other than a comment here on this post.

Hard Case: A Violent Life will be the 4th book in the John Harding series after:

Who will win the cameo appearance in book 4? Will you be a villain, a hero, killed off?
Winners will be selected on January 15, 2014
Estimated release date of Hard Case: A Violent Life is April 15, 2014


Just one of 8 billion people on a rock somewhere said...

Bernard you and RJ both have been through war together. Your fans and friends are always here for you sincerely, Jill Traver.

Lori R. Lopez said...

Excellent article and oh so true! Bernard and R.J., I wish you as authors and publishers much success in this Wild West frontier of modern publishing. I believe talent and quality will always endure to shine above the desert of dreck. :)

BernardL said...

Thanks, Jill. It is a very strange marketplace sometimes. Fans and friends are our mainstay. :)

You know the Amazon minefield pretty well too, Lori. It's a name recognition game where authors as well as publishers have to market far more than any of us like. One thing's for sure, my friend, we have to produce or be washed under the wave of new entries. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Ya'll are doing it right.

Lori Smith said...

You guys are proof that talent and hard work really pays off.
That's why it's ticking them off, lol.
Keep up the good work!

RJ Parker Publishing said...

Lori, are you published?

BernardL said...

We're doing it, Charles - right or wrong, my friend. :)

Thanks, Lori S., we're working every aspect of the business we can think of or imagine. This next year will be a real demarcation point, with the added publishing tools.

William Cook said...

Hi you guys and congrats on your budding partnership - long may it continue. I first met RJ about three years ago now and have watched him grow and develop his own little publishing empire into a viable and effective business model for small online publishers. It is with interest that I have noted how much RJ himself has adapted and changed, always refining and refocusing his energies, and (most importantly never giving up. The amount of shit that is thrown at new indie authors and start-up publishing houses is immense. From competitors in the publishing world who don't like a bit of fair competition to other authors who are jealous of others' successes - there are so many bends, nay chicanes, in the road to navigate in the chaotic and explosive world of indie publishing.

Bernard has also adapted and rolled with the punches, obviously a smart individual who knows an opportunity when he sees one that will not only benefit himself as an author but also others who he chooses to help. I first met Bernard approximately a year and a half ago when RJ put me in touch with him to design a couple of book covers for his fast-paced action-suspense novels ('Monster' being my favorite).

Now just because I purport to 'know' these two chaps does not mean that I am biased in my opinion of them. RJ has thrown a couple of opportunities my way that I was unfortunately unable to accept due to life-challenges of my own and I admit to feeling bad about having to bow out at the time, not just because I was unable to meet the deadline/s of said projects, more so because I knew that I had missed out on a chance to take a wild ride on the RJ Parker Publishing rocket. Bernard, on the other hand, who as I implied is a smart man, had no such qualms or hesitations and look where he's going now folks!!! To the moon, to the moon . . . these two guys are set to invade some foreign soil sometime soon, in a universe near you, on their mission for world domination.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble now but you get my drift. If anything else, RJ Parker Publishing is a great example of tenacity and courage in the face of adversity and red-tape - RJ is playing the rules like he owns 'em with his new publishing/agent credentials and all I can say is good luck to both of 'em, even though 'luck' has nothing to do with where they're both headed.

Great article (Indie Writers and Publishing) by the way Bernard, battle hard and true - for all of us indies, your success is a beacon of hope for all of us who strive to make it to the end-game.