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RJ PARKER is ranked in the Top 100 authors on Amazon in Biography and History.

RJ is a Canadian Author who has written over 30 true crime books, and co-authored another 10 books. He has published almost 200 books for other authors which are available in eBook, Paperback, and many of them in Audiobook edition.

"Parker amazes his readers with top notch writing and idealist research. The Canadian writer has a better grasp of criminology and the psyche of a serial killer's mind than most people who spend a lifetime in a professional field chasing criminals and diabolic fiends". -- John Douglas (Retired FBI Agent - Behavioral Science)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Just a Cop: A Memoir of My 30 Years with the Toronto Police Service and as an Undercover Agent by Hal Cunningham and RJ Parker Publishing

Toronto, Canada. A city that has perilously transformed over a short period of thirty years from a relatively peaceful, naive, 'small-town’ city, to a sprawling urban metropolis plagued with crime, guns, gangs and violence.
Just A Cop is a rare memoir written by a street level cop, Hal Cunningham, who witnessed this transformation first hand. Beginning his career in 1973 as an unarmed cadet, Cunningham earned his way through the ranks from a constable on patrol, to undercover street intelligence officer, and eventually to the rank of Staff Sergeant and Platoon Commander.
This memoir is a first of its kind. Through the eyes of a frontline police officer who’s been there and witnessed much, it offers a raw look at how “Toronto the Good” changed into a 'mean streets' city whose per capita murder rate is now higher than that of New York City.



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