Tuesday, 5 March 2013

HARD CASE (A John Harding Novel)

HARD CASE is Packed with Action, Mystery, Suspense and Humor
John Harding - American Hero, Ex-Marine, CIA Agent, Cage Fighter


What readers are saying about HARD CASE?

"John Harding takes no prisoners. He's a cage fighter who plays by the rules unless it's necessary to break them along with a few other things. The fast-paced dialogue fits the no holds barred action that pits Harding against terrorists, the Russian Mafia, and guys who just don't like his attitude or his prowess in the ring. This cool story interweaves Harding's personal life with his kick-boxing life as well as a little CIA covert action thrown in. This one delivers a terrific knock-out punch and you'll love every minute of it."
~ Review by Gayle Bartos-Pool

"This is a very good story with super action and lovable characters. John Harding is an all around American hero who was in Special Ops in the Marines, then was recruited into the CIA as an operative because of his multi-language abilities. Harding also loves to fight and he fights very well. He's unbeaten. He shows no mercy against his opponents in the cage or while on assignment. He's a stone cold killer. The author created an exceptional character in Harding that the reader just falls in love with. There's also a great deal of humor in this story and at times hilarious interaction between the characters. I totally recommend this book not only to men who enjoys action packed books but to women as well because this guy is one super stud. Great read. On to another book by DeLeo called Cold Blooded by Bernard Lee DeLeo"
~ Review from Kim Cruz

Where can you buy HARD CASE you ask? It's available in eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon. Here's are the links:


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