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Self Publish on Amazon's Kindle Store KDP Publishing

I've helped almost 30 authors to self-publish and many author friends have referred their friends to me to pick my brain. I'm not an expert by any means, but, I've acquired a wealth of knowledge, along with some tips and tricks along the way. I've made errors too and I've learned from them.

Assuming that you've written your book, had it edited and proofread, cover designed, you're ready to go. I'm only focusing here on Amazon, the biggest of the eBook market share.

1. Open an Amazon account. 

2. Go to KDP Publishing and sign in with your account KDP Sign in

3. Complete information including banking info and tax information. I suggest you apply for an EIN (Employee Identification Number) from the IRS using the SS-4 Form, complete the form W8-BEN and send it to Amazon, Seattle attn Accounts Payable. Put the EIN number in the place provided along with banking info on your KDP account.

Attn: Accounts Payable
Amazon Digital Services 
Attn: Vendor Maintenance 
PO Box 80683 
Seattle, WA 98108-0683

4. When your book is completed, error and typo free, save as a PDF file, then convert this PDF file in Calibre to Mobi format. Make sure your manuscript has a TOC Table of Content

5. Go to your KDP Dashboard

6. Click Add New Title

7. Section 1 - Name of book, book description, add contributors IE, authors name, cover illustrator name etc., date published and ISBN if you have one.

8. Section 2 - Click this is NOT public domain. If it is public domain, click it but the most you can charge is $1.99 for the book and it cannot be in the prime select program.

9. Section 3 - You get to choose 2 categories. Go through the kindle store and have them pre-determined before you get to this point.

10. Section 4 - Upload your book cover. If the book cover has a lot of detail, I would convert it from jpeg to TIFF and upload the TIFF file.

11. Section 5 - Click DRM protection and upload your Mobi file.

12. After this is uploaded you can preview your book before saving and moving on to step 2 which is pricing.

13. Click all territories

14. Set your price and click use this price for all amazon markets.

15. Save and publish

16. It will take maybe 24 hours for it to go through Review, Publishing and then it will be live.

17. Log into your Author Central...very important to have an author page Author Central

18. Click books and then click add more books.

19. Type your book title and your name then search. Click this is my book once you find it.

20. Click on the book and start editing things like reviews, enhance your book description, add about the author, from the author etc.

21. Click profile - add your biography, a picture of yourself, your twitter link, blog link etc. This will take 24 hours to get approved.

22. Now you're ready to start pimping. Request reviews from people. Sign up to several Indie author sites. Below are the ones I use. I've signed up for many over the years and gave a lot of them up because I didn't find them useful. The sites below I can tell you from experience are useful:


There are so many social media networks out there that if you sign up for all of them, you will spend all day long adding people, approving people, messages etc. I did not find Linekin or Wattpad any good but that's my opinion.

Twitter and Facebook Fan Page is a must. Link your twitter (in twitter settings) to post to and from Facebook. Then, when you make a post on your twitter for example, it shows up on your Facebook fan page and on your author page on Amazon.

Have a website, (approximately $10 per year). Link your posts on your website to Goodreads and Author Central. Whenever you post on your website, it also posts to your blog on Goodreads and your profile on your author page on Amazon.

Set up the same Author Central in the UK using your amazon user name and password. The UK market is huge. Canada doesn't have an author page as of yet. But UK does.

Believe me, this is the bare bones to get you started. There are many many other features and tips/tricks. If you'd like to pick my brain for a reasonable price, I'll be happy to assist you. I am also able to format and convert your file to Mobi, ePub and any other format. If you use Createspace to publish your paperback, that's an experience in itself. I've done it twelve times so for me it's pretty easy.

Happy writing, publishing and marketing.


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