Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Protectors

Police Officer's Connor Bradwick and Ellie James enforce the law in one of the perennially most dangerous cities in the country: Oakland, CA. Bradwick snaps when he and James bust in on a kidnapping ring, enslaving children for pornography. He brutally executes the three kidnappers, stunning James. He sets up the scene to pass for self-defense with Ellie James cooperation. Their ruse succeeds, triggering a two cop crackdown on crime the city of Oakland's leaders scurry to stop. Dedicated to end 'look the other way' crime suppression tactics, ending in destruction and death for the common people in Oakland, Bradwick and James decide it's time to go on offense.

Connor explains it this way after they rescue the kidnapped children, "The kids made me start thinking about how I want folks to look at us. I don't care anymore to visit someone to tell them we found the people who broke into their business or house and robbed them blind. I want them to wave at us from their house or business as we go by because we prevent the gangbangers, drug dealers and thugs from terrorizing them."

The crime war takes on different meaning when they bust an MS-13 El Salvadoran gangster's illegal alien processing center. Connor and Ellie run headlong into a corrupt politician on the gangster's payroll, and the terrorists behind him. Soon, everyday crime fighting busts become a fond memory.

What people are saying about The Protectors

"This action-packed, suspense-filled police story begins with a bit of righteous vigilant justice but that is not what the book is about. Humor, friendship, and people who care make this awesome story work. It is an overall up-beat novel."
~ Billy Jean Jackson

"Bernard DeLeo is always consistent. You know when you pick up one of his books that you'll get strong, fast-paced action, characters with good senses of humor who you can root for, and, did I mention, "action?"
~ Charles Gramlich

"THE PROTECTORS reads like an action filled, fast-paced movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. DeLeo created characters that are loveable and funny one moment, and the next, with the cold detachment necessary to do their jobs, deep in the business of doing away with the bad guy. A fun story that also fills you with the tension of waiting to see what happens next. All that with a little romance mixed in - I'm a fan!!"
~ Sherri Synder

Written by Bernard Lee DeLeo and published by RJ Parker this is a fun book packed with Action, Suspense, Mystery and tons of Humor. Available in eBook and Paperback.
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