Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Indie Authors should join The Independent Author Network by RJ Parker

Over the past couple of years of being an Indie Author / Publisher, I've experimented with various marketing tools and sites; paying out thousands of dollars in advertising. I have been lucky enough to have nine of my books in the Top 100 Paid List, and several at number 1 in true crime. I can attribute some of my success to a select couple: Google Adwords and The Independent Author Network being the biggest pay off.

I found that FaceBook Ads (which I spent about $1500) last year alone, was a huge mistake. Twitter? Not for me...hardly anyone retweets. It's basically everyone spamming. My FaceBook fan page is great and I've met a lot of friends there and many of them share posts. I currently have 70,000 fans. But this post isn't about me or my advertising mistakes. It's about one network that I joined a year ago and I'm still a gold member in.

My advice as an experienced Indie Publisher, Publicist and now Agent, is to check this site out and seriously consider signing up. It's not expensive. In July, I had 2500 unique visitors to my page alone on the network.

Here's the link to my page, which they maintain. I don't have to bother with it whatsoever.
Independent Author Network - RJ Parker
Check out their FAQ
And if you're interested in joining, click Join Here  Again, it's quite inexpensive, but if you have more than one book, I really recommend the Gold Membership.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

I'm not a writer but it seems to make sense to me Indie Authors should join The Independent Author Network. It seems the benefits are there and should be taken advantage of.

teena3940 said...

70,000 fans is really Nice.. Gold member is good. Thanks for sharing!!