Saturday, 16 November 2013

Peter Vronsky signs deal for new serial killer book

My congratulations to fellow true crime author Peter Vronsky who signed a deal with Penguin Random House Berkley for a 2015 book release. The following is his FaceBook post today....

I accepted a very nice offer from Penguin Random House's Berkley Books to publish my third book on the history of serial homicide, SERIAL KILLER CHRONICLES: A NEW HISTORY OF SERIAL MURDER TODAY which will look at the current history of serial killing since 2001, its culture, psychopathology and its investigation. Tentatively scheduled for 2015, a preview chapter from the book will be released next month in a Author RJ Parker indie published True Crime Serial Killers Anthology 2014. (More on that coming soon.)

One of the break through selling points for Penguin Random House was that RJ is going to publish a chapter from it in his anthology as a preview of the book - it was the deal sweetener and garnered me a substantial raise on my advance. They know the value for a legacy traditional publisher's author being promoted by the true crime indie bad boy rebel publisher Author RJ Parker. It just really rounded out nicely the deal and the advance having RJ publishing the preview next month. My thanks RJ for inviting me last winter to submit a piece to the True Crime Serial Killers Anthology was the best thing I could have done as a true crime author.

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