Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pre-order the Serial Killers True Crime Anthology on Amazon

Five cutting edge new and master true crime authors come together to tell their tales of serial killer madness and monstrosity in this collector's first edition of the annual SERIAL KILLERS TRUE CRIME ANTHOLOGY.

Five never-published-before uniquely different visions of serial homicide that include a prehistoric world of zombie-like serial killer humanoids driven to instinctually rape, kill and eat their victims; the original vampire, a Hungarian Renaissance-era countess who bathed in human blood; an American heartland frontier serial killing family that inspired House of 1000 Corpses; the true story of an eleven year-old serial killing girl in England called Mary; a Bible-quoting pig farmer suspected in the murder of 49 prostitutes in Pacific Canada; a rare serial killer cop and a death row "Nazi Transvestite"; a necrophile who made "dead dolls" to satisfy his weird and morbid sexual fantasies; a geeky TV repairman who posed his female victims for his own personal demented true crime detective magazine photographs as he raped and strangled them; a Manhattan computer technician who sawed the heads and hands of his victims in hotel rooms while on shift breaks; a chaplain's report of his prison interview and journey into the darkest depths of serial killing depravity; all and more true crime tales of horror that will compel you to look over your shoulder and lock your doors.

New writing in indie and legacy true crime from: bestselling author and criminal justice historian Peter Vronsky; award winning indie rebel true crime bestseller RJ Parker; Britain's mistress storyteller of female perpetrated mayhem and murder Sylvia Perrini; the brave new voice on the true crime frontier author Dane Ladwig; and the veteran master of true crime writing Michael Newton.


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