Thursday, 6 March 2014

FILICIDE BOOK Parents Who Killed Their Children by RJ Parker

Filicide is the intended act of a parent killing his or her own child. The act is also regarded as an offence since it amounts to murder. To most of society, filicide appears very unnatural and inhumane, yet a small percentage of parents exist who do kill their offspring. Many researchers and scholars have associated these tragedies as being caused by domestic violence.

The stories that follow go against everything we have been taught and have learned. We perceive parents to be the epitome of care and support, yet mankind teaches us cruel lessons.

Inside the book:

Filicide defined
The Causes of Filicide
Andrea Yates
Darlie Routier
Susan Eubanks
Lianne Smith
Alan Bristol
Jeffrey MacDonald
Deanna Laney
Susan Smith
Tonya Thomas
Diane Downs

It is said that the love of a mother for her children is the purest form of love; one of the most natural, purest feelings that exist on this planet. Even though she carries the child for nine months, constantly suffering through severe pain, her love doesn't deter even the slightest. Then, when the child is in his early stages, she feeds him from her breast, cares for him, provides for him and does everything in her power to make life as comfortable as possible for the little child. She spends her nights devoid of sleep, making sure that the child is properly tucked in and comfortable. If he awakes during the night, she is there to cater to his every need and make sure that the child remains as comfortable as can be.

She cares for the child when he is most vulnerable, protecting him and guiding him away from harm. She does whatever she can to make sure that the child grows up to be an independent, successful being. That is one of the primary reasons why society has granted mothers the highest of positions. In virtually every religion, the sanctity of a mother is highlighted above all others. She is given a much higher status than fathers, and it is natural for a child to call for his mother when he is in pain. It seems as if we were engineered to instinctively call out to our mothers whenever we are in pain, or when we need help.

The question then arises, could this holy figure go against what has been associated with her throughout eternity? Could a mother turn on her child, neglect him and not worry about him? The answer, evidently, is yes. Mothers who become embroiled in drug battles often leave their children to the mercy of this world, not caring about their needs and wants. Then, there are those who leave their children in foster care homes, not caring for a second about the child himself. There are those as well who abort their child, before even giving birth.

You will argue that such women do not deserve to be called mothers, and that they should never have been allowed to have a baby. You will say that becoming a mother is a great honor that a woman must fulfill to the best of her capabilities, and if she wants to shun this title, then she is not a good person at all. Leaving children at foster care homes, having an abortion, or neglecting the child are some of the things that we have begun to understand over the years. Yes, this happens. We read about it, we watch it on the news, we feel pity, and then we move on. The continuous occurrences of such events have trained our minds to filter out the emotions. Yet, it still hurts when you read about it. The question then begs an answer, what should happen to a mother who decides to kill her own child? What level of punishment should be inflicted on such a person?

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