Saturday, 5 April 2014

Serial Killers Abridged by RJ Parker coming May 31 available for pre-order

SERIAL KILLERS ABRIDGED now available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon. Pre-order now and not pay until the release date of May 31.

Comprised of 100 serial killers from around the world, each case file is summarized into approximately 3 pages, for a short 'Reader's Digest' type reading. It will give just enough taste that if you want to read more about a particular serial killer then you can search for related books. From A to Z, I've listed the chapters below. The book will make a great collection for true crime enthusiasts.

This is Parker's 9th serial killer book. He has written 14 true crime books, available in eBook, trade paperback and audio book editions and have sold in over 80 countries. He holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling.

Chapter 1: Ahmad Suradji
Chapter 2: Aileen Wuornos
Chapter 3: Albert Henry DeSalvo
Chapter 4: Alexander Pichushkin
Chapter 5: Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley
Chapter 6: Amelia Dyer
Chapter 7: Anatoly Onoprienko
Chapter 8: Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo
Chapter 9: Angel Resendiz
Chapter 10: Anna Maria Zwanziger
Chapter 11: Arthur Gary Bishop
Chapter 12: Beverley Allitt
Chapter 13: Bloody Benders
Chapter 14: Bruno Ludke
Chapter 15: Carol M. Bundy
Chapter 16: Caril Ann Fugate
Chapter 17: Carl Eugene Coral Watts
Chapter 18: Charles Albright
Chapter 19: Charles Cullen
Chapter 20: Charles Ng
Chapter 21: Charles Panzram
Chapter 22: Charles Ray Hatcher
Chapter 23: Charles Starkweather
Chapter 24: Christopher Bernard Wilder
Chapter 25: Clifford Olson
Chapter 26: Colin Ireland
Chapter 27: David Berkowitz
Chapter 28: David Carpenter
Chapter 29: Dayton Leroy Rogers
Chapter 30: Dennis Nilsen
Chapter 31: Dennis Rader
Chapter 32: Donald Harvey
Chapter 33: Donald Henry Gaskins
Chapter 34: Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Chapter 35: Ed Gein
Chapter 36: Edmund Kemper
Chapter 37: Fernando Hernandez Leyva
Chapter 38: Fred West
Chapter 39: Friedrich Fritz Haarmann
Chapter 40: Gary Ridgway
Chapter 41: Gerald Eugene Stano
Chapter 42: Gerard Schaefer
Chapter 43: Gilbert Paul Jordan
Chapter 44: Gilles de Rais
Chapter 45: Graham Young
Chapter 46: Harold Frederick Fred Shipman
Chapter 47: Harvey Carignan
Chapter 48: Henry Lee Lucas
Chapter 49: Highway of Tears
Chapter 50: Jack the Ripper
Chapter 51: Jack Unterweger
Chapter 52: Javed Iqbal
Chapter 53: Jeffrey Dahmer
Chapter 54: Jerry Brudos
Chapter 55: Joe Ball
Chapter 56: John Crawford
Chapter 57: John Gacy
Chapter 58: John Paul Knowles
Chapter 59: John Straffen
Chapter 60: Juan Vallejo Corona
Chapter 61: Karl Denke
Chapter 62: Karla Homolka
Chapter 63: Kendall Francois
Chapter 64: Kenneth Bianchi
Chapter 65: Kenneth Erskine
Chapter 66: Kristen Gilbert
Chapter 67: Lawrence Bittaker
Chapter 68: Lee Boyd Malvo
Chapter 69: Luis Alfredo Garavito
Chapter 70: Marcel Felix Petiot
Chapter 71: Michael Bruce Ross
Chapter 72: Nanny Doss
Chapter 73: Ottis Toole
Chapter 74: Patrick Kearney
Chapter 75: Pedro Alonso Lopez
Chapter 76: Pedro Rodrigues Filho
Chapter 77: Peter Bryan
Chapter 78: Peter William Sutcliffe
Chapter 79: Randy Steven Kraft
Chapter 80: Richard Angelo
Chapter 81: Richard Chase
Chapter 82: Richard Ramirez
Chapter 83: Robert Berdella
Chapter 84: Robert Charles Brown
Chapter 85: Robert Pickton
Chapter 86: Rosemary West
Chapter 87: Roy Norris
Chapter 88: Russell Williams
Chapter 89: Stephen Griffiths
Chapter 90: Theodore Robert Bundy
Chapter 91: Thomas Quick
Chapter 92: Thug Behram
Chapter 93: Vasili Komaroff
Chapter 94: Vlad Tepes
Chapter 95: Wayne Boden
Chapter 96: Westley Allan Dodd
Chapter 97: William George Bonin
Chapter 98: Yang Xinhai
Chapter 99: Yoo Young-chul
Chapter 100: Zhou Kehua

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