Thursday, 18 January 2018

2 New True Crime Books

A family of three tied up, each with a gun to their head, “Where’s the money? Where’s the fucking money?” one of the intruders yelled. A petrified daughter tortured and forced to listen to her parents being shot in cold blood. “I heard shots, like pops,” she told the 911 operator, “somebody's broke into our home, please, I need help!” Was this a home invasion? Or something else, more sinister, a deadly betrayal. 

The real-life horror story that happened inside the Pan family home shocked their normally peaceful upscale Toronto neighborhood. The Pans were an example of an immigrant family. Hann and his wife, Bich Pan, fled from Vietnam to Canada after the U.S.-Vietnamese war to find a better life. Their daughter, Jennifer, was an Olympic-caliber figure skater, an award-winning pianist, and a straight A student. 

The Pans worked their way up in this rags-to-riches story, now living in a beautiful home with luxury cars in the driveway. Was it these expensive items that lured three intruders with guns into their home on the night of November 8, 2010? 

Find out what really happened when seasoned true crime reporter and author, Alan R. Warren, takes you through the details as they unfold in this book of a deadly betrayal.

Violence and mayhem in Africa is the norm with an estimated 49 persons murdered in the country of South Africa daily while acquiring one of the highest rates of rape on Earth. Fear of HIV and AIDS finds South Africa ranked among the worst nations for child and baby rape, as many sexual predators believe only young children are "clean.” 

In such an atmosphere, serial killers flourish. Hearts of Darkness presents 63 notable African cases, arranged chronologically by the years when specific slayers were active—or, in the case of those still unidentified, when they were known to operate. No names of facts have been altered. 
The truth is grim enough. 

From Best-Selling Author, Michael Newton, whose work includes: 'Iron Curtain Killers: Serial Murder in Soviet Russia', 'The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (Facts on File Crime Library)', 'The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes', 'Hangman: Life and Crimes of Serial Killer & Police Officer Gerard Schaefer', and over 300 other books.

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