Sunday, 30 December 2018

Just a Cop: A Memoir of My 30 Years with the Toronto Police Service and as an Undercover Agent by Hal Cunningham and RJ Parker Publishing

Toronto, Canada. A city that has perilously transformed over a short period of thirty years from a relatively peaceful, naive, 'small-town’ city, to a sprawling urban metropolis plagued with crime, guns, gangs and violence.
Just A Cop is a rare memoir written by a street level cop, Hal Cunningham, who witnessed this transformation first hand. Beginning his career in 1973 as an unarmed cadet, Cunningham earned his way through the ranks from a constable on patrol, to undercover street intelligence officer, and eventually to the rank of Staff Sergeant and Platoon Commander.
This memoir is a first of its kind. Through the eyes of a frontline police officer who’s been there and witnessed much, it offers a raw look at how “Toronto the Good” changed into a 'mean streets' city whose per capita murder rate is now higher than that of New York City.



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