Monday, 20 May 2019

Rick Cantelli, P.I. (Book 10) Shadows of Horror (Private Detectives Action and Humor) Series

by Bernard Lee DeLeo

Rick and Lois continue training sixteen-year-old Jim into the business. They take him on his first tracking mission into the Palomar Mountains after a serial rapist/killer, with Rick teaching him tracking skills and noiseless pursuit. Cantelli-land heats up once again with lost teenagers, dangerous movie sites, and Cartels buying their drug runners way across the border, compliments of a corrupt mayor. Add in showdowns with politically correct dupes, gunfights, and plenty of humor to herald yet another cycle of death.

Ellen steps more into the role of Jim’s handler, as he tries dating Leah in a more teenage manner, while having an affair with Temple’s stunt double Maya. The mounting confrontations involving Jim invokes Lois’s pronouncement labeling Jim as a Jinx Cantelli Jr. Rick begins to think she may be right.

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